About the competition

The 'Chamber Classic' International Competition is a brand new event from SAMIT Event Group and the European Foundation for Support of Culture (EUFSC), as part of an ongoing effort to develop exciting new creative opportunities across the globe.

This upcoming inaugural edition of 'Chamber Classic' features a competition fought across three exciting and engaging rounds. The event is open to qualifying piano duets, piano trios and string quartets, and will feature a jury consisting of critically acclaimed leading performers and professors.

Taking place in the UAE's most populous city, Dubai, 'Chamber Classic' promises to be imbued with the energy and dynamism that the city is known for around the world, and is the perfect location for an event of such magnitude and artistic excellence.

As part of an ongoing effort to expand the reach and prevalence of classical music across the globe, the event will feature repertoire of historic works by distinguished European composers.

Open to competitors of all nationalities, ethnicities and creeds, the 'Chamber Classic' International Competition is a celebration of egalitarianism, fortitude and, above all, our shared love of music. SAMIT Event Group and the EUFSC extend a warm welcome to all attendees of the competition, and to the competitors, good luck!